The Passionate Tuiuiu

Our group travels to the Pantanal where they meet a Tuiuiu, a typical bird of the region, which has been suffering since his beloved was hunted. To rescue her, the children count on the help of the little Indian Cauã, from the Guató tribe. They also follow an entourage, which is taking the cattle to the region’s drylands. On this route, they will discover the habits, the legends, learning about the fauna and flora of the Pantanal.


Come on this magical adventure with us!


This story was “born” in 2002 and had the participation of children to make a difference in the fun way to explore this ecological issue in schools.


In the children’s voice, we take a little from the Pantanal to the world.


A non-profit production.

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Achievement: Navegamundo

Concept and direction: Marta Elisa Castro Eberle

This story was written by Angélica Lopes and was recorded and sounded by Berimbau Estúdio. It had the collaboration of Rudolf Knoth. The illustrated scene refers to the Tuiuiús do Pantanal (Brazil)


Este projeto foi realizado com o Financiamento da LIC – Lei de Incentivo à Cultura de Caxias do Sul – Rio Grande do Sul – Brasil

Apoio cultural da Racon Administradora de Consórcios


Produção cultural de Claudio Troian; captação de recursos realizada por Capta Ação Gestão de Projetos. Roteiro de Angélica Lopes. O episódio de hoje foi apresentado por: Elisa Lovat Eberle e foi narrado por: (a definir); a produção de áudio foi realizada por (aguardando). Design Web da Série Ricardo Vacaro e Ilustrações de Adriano Oliveski.


Este podcast encontra-se disponível também nos idiomas italiano, espanhol e inglês.