Bianca and the enigma of the letter [Episode 2] The disappearance of the bees

In this adventure, Milu and Filé travel to Italy, on board Patcha’s magic canoe, to find their friend Bianca, who is worried about a mystery: the trees in her family’s plantation are not producing more fruit as they used to! She has to decipher the enigma of the letter written by her great-grandmother to discover the solution to this mystery. Come on this magical adventure with us!



Cultural Tales Podcasts

This podcast is also available in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.


Making: Navegamundo

Concept and direction: Marta Elisa Castro Eberle

This project was carried out with the financing of LIC – Law of incentive to the culture of Caxias do Sul – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil


Cultural Support: Randon Companies, Racon Consortiums and Institute Elisabetha Randon


Cultural production by Claudio Troian. Fundraising: Capta Ação Gestão de Projetos

Screenwriter: Angélica Lopes. Today’s episode was narrated by Valquíria Ruaro dos Reis. Audio production carried out by Luciano Lubisco Leães. Translations of Minsky Idiomas, directed by Horacio Santini, with the collaboration of Ernani Savaris. Digital marketing and communication consultancy by Leading in collaboration with Lato Sensu. Illustration by Adriano Oliveski. The illustrated scene makes reference to Villa Trissino (Cornedo Vicentino – Italy).


Special collaboration by Arthur Magnani, Bebel Eberle, Cristina Medeiros, Elisa Eberle, Gianna Dalle Rive, Família Uczai, Hellen Magani, Leticia Lopes, Magda Torresini, Marlei Zanete, Marina Heinen, Marizethe Estrela, Taiana Neujahr, Vitalina Frosi.

All rights reserved: Marta Elisa Castro Eberle

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