Bianca and the enigma of the letter
[Episode 3]
The magic of the living drawings

In this episode, Patcha and Bianca board the magic canoe to discover the secrets and customs of the ancient Mayan civilization in Mexico. The two make a trip to the past in search of the ancestral knowledge of such ancient people. And it is all to help the bees of the future. Come on this magical adventure with us!



Cultural storytelling podcasts

The illustrated scene makes reference to the Codex elaborated by the Mayans in Mexico.

This story is also available in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Making: Navegamundo

Concept, research, execution and coordination by Marta Elisa Castro Eberle.

Text by Angélica Lopes. Narration by Valquíria Ruaro dos Reis. Audio production carried out by Luciano Lubisco Leães.

All project participants and collaborators are mentioned in the Podcast credits.

All rights reserved to Marta Elisa Castro Eberle

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